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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Macdonald Hotels recognise the importance of reducing it's impact on the enivorment. The company has already implemented many initiatives in support of enviromental improvement and sustainable development but this is the first time that all the best practice has been gathered together in a fully co-ordinate program.

It has developed a simple set of operational standards in the form of an Environmental and Sustainability Policy which takes care not to detract from the guest experience. It intends to implement this new Policy over the coming
months in order to make a greater and more co-ordinated approach toward a sustainable future. The policy has been developed in line with other
Company compliance tools so that it is recognisable and easy to implement by Hotel Management. It is simply written and contains common sense
and practical activities, many of which should already be in place throughout the Company.

The key standards include:

  1. Sustainable purchasing arrangements for food, consumables, equipment, energy and chemicals
  2. Transport /travel policy to ensure efficient and effective use of transport resources
  3. Pollution prevention measures and emergency procedures to reduce the risk of incidents and their impact which could damage the hotel environment
  4. Waste minimisation measures including recovery and recycling activities and systems
  5. Energy economy measures for each hotel department
  6. Measures to be considered and incorporated into new builds and refurbishments
  7. Environmental support to the hotel's local community

The policy sets Company Environmental and Sustainable objectives and allocates responsibilities to every level of management. It requires the implementation of the programme to be co-ordinated and run at hotel level.The initiative requires an initial assessment of the hotel's environmental status in order for priorities and local objectives to be set, together with timescales for compliance. There is the key requirement to ensure that all management and staff are clear as to their responsibilities and tasks and this is encouraged by training which will be undertaken within the Group. The aim is to secure commitment, review performance and communicate successes whilst encouraging a high level of environmental performance in line with hotel industry expectations and norms.

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